Fate of Wottactic.com

I have been talking with a lot of people so far about the state of the current wottactic.com. There have been plenty of questions such as what is it, why to create new one etc. Here I will be answering some questions and making this project situation clearer.

Is Wottactic.com/Wowstactic.tk going down?

Yes. Current available services are going down during 2021. We are scheduling to have a new service running then or preferably before that.

Who is hosting the current sites?

Currently services are hosted by Fiteco. We do not plan to fix issues with current service. However, we are going to upgrade server resources when it is necessary.

Who is paying currently Wottactic.com/Wowstactic.tk bills?

Niko is currently paying all bills related to the current service, which is around $40-$70 per month. Its been like this for a long time as we he did want the existing service to be shut down. During 2021 we will be relying to donations as only source of income.

What is status of the new replacement?

First of all, the replacement is GameTactic. GameTactic is an OpenSource project licensed under GPLv3 and is being worked on by a few developers in their free time as a hobby. The project status can be seen in the DevBlogs on this site. At time of writing this, we have just finished discussion about the core features we are going to introduce in the Alpha release. Development of UI will be beginning soon.

Does Gametactic have financial support or sponsors?

No. We do not have any financial support. We are completely doing this for free on our free time without getting paid. Actually, in fact it is the opposite because we are paying the upkeep of the old service.

Update 2020: We accept now donations. Donations allow us keep this service running.

Why not continue old wottactic.com under new domain?

First of all, the current wottactic.com has a lot of flaws. Because the amount of work required to get old service working well, before we can start adding new features, we have decided to start from a clean slate and build totally new service for use.

What happens during 2021?

You should visit gametactic.eu instead of wottactic.com/wowstactic.tk.

If you want help us make this better, please consider checking out how you can join us.


Hey there! I'm currently acting as Lead-developer in the GameTactic and doing mostly backend.

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