DevBlog #2

Hello everyone! We have been lately working hard to get this new service delivered on time. There has been progress within the development and design of the application.

Opening Patreon

Yeppii, now you can support us financially, whenever it is possible for you. We will thank you a lot and we might even reward you for doing so in a future, however, no promises :D.

We are currently developing as non-profit and using our very short free time to develop this new application. We are not getting anything from this, however we do have expenses like keeping this site up, keeping our development servers up and many other financial commitments.

Getting enough money would give us the ability to pay our development team for their time. Everyone has family and friends so we want to reward them for their commitment.

Check the Patreon here!

Update as of 2.8.2021: We have closed Patreon in favor of PayPal and Github donations. We do need your help to run our services, however Patreon isn’t just the way, which fits us best. Please see our Github here. Github has 0% of fees, so we can use your donation 100% towards maintaining services.

The “Room” status

The room has been received a lot of development and is already supporting some basic features like pinging on the map. It still needs plenty of work, which we are going to try to complete within the coming month. We are trying to work on this as much we can.

Sam has been working on the applications UX UI a lot and he has some features bellow to introduce. Please note, this is development version and things might and will change before we publish the application publicly. Bellow you can find examples, such as how pinging on the maps works and what the pencil settings look like.

Pinging on the canvas
Pencil tool settings

Behind the scenes there has been plenty of work done. One of our developers Nath has incorporated TypeScript within the whole application and has solved plenty of issues while doing it. This will reduce the chance of introducing bugs in the application significantly. Also it makes the inclusion of a new developer joining the project far easier than ever before!

We have “allied” with the developer of Konva. He will be helping us time to time with our problems and making sure the canvas will be performing well. We are very grateful to have this kind of support to our project most critical part. If you haven’t yet checked Konva, please check it out and give it a star on his Github as a thank you!

Community decides for us

For this project we involve the community to a large extent. This is real big boost for our project and we really appreciate the community voice inour project. You can participate into our project just by joining our Discord.

Editing tactics on the Mobile

We asked from the community if you would like edit the tactics on the mobile. The answer has 1-13 for “No”. This means we are not going to be making or developing editing for the mobile devices. This might change in future, but this will also help us to focus more critical features first and get a fully working application out.

The Survey

We did a survey before Christmas. 99 people did answer to it. We are really surprised amount of people answering to this. Thank you! Here are some of the replies that we received.

94.9% answered people are doing WoWS instead of WoT
76.8% of answered people said they are regurally using this service
It’s basically a tie between users need to register and no register
Most of the people would like keep application like it currently is
Seems like we have new features to do


We got good amount of responses t our survey. It gave us a lot about what people like and not like to see. When we asked what people would like to preserve from the old application we got following:

Draw lines, changes saved for other people to see when they join, ship icons, circles, copying ships from one map to another.

Calculating distances, customise ship names, upload own images, pinging the map, radar circles on the ships, custom icons,

Clean look, store rooms for future use

Question: What do you love about the old app that you want to keep?

This is great as it gave good look, what people really liked in the old application. After this we asked what people would like get rid of in the new application.

Nothing, no way to select multiple elements through shift clicking, rotating was difficult to use, lack of caps on maps.

No concealment or range stats for ships, inaccurate maps, horrible to use on mobile, maps not accurate for distances.

Ping visualisation was annoying, no tutorial

Question: What do you hate about the old app that you want to get rid of?

We would like thank you very much for participating in the survey. We might be doing more of these in future and we really appreciate the feedback. Please remember to join our Discord to participate our surveys about coming application.

We are need of your help!

We are still looking for your help. If feel like, you could contribute to our awesome project, please check out our “Join Us!” page. Any help regarding this project is welcome. Even if you feel like, you might not have required skills, do not hesitate to contact one of our guys in the Discord. Also joining to our Discord or giving a star in a Github is great way show your support.


Hey there! I'm currently acting as Lead-developer in the GameTactic and doing mostly backend.

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